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Physique Development brings you the integration of evidence-backed and experience-based coaching to maximize your results, no matter the goal. Our team specializes in physique transformations, as well as proper nutrition for all lifestyles.


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  • The last “coach” I hired would send me weekly workouts along with my “customized” meal plan – yes, meal plans…5 meals a day + 2 snacks, with the exact food items I was supposed to eat. The program was cookie-cutter, there was very little communication on his part, and he was hardly a coach. I needed a more sustainable program and a change.

    I was looking for a coach based on four main criteria: 1. Reachable – a coach who I can easily get ahold of & welcomes communication; 2. Transparent – a coach who involves me in the process & explains what he/she is doing; 3. Experience/Expertise – a coach who is an expert in the industry, both from direct experience and scientific research; 4. Educational – a coach who will not only help me reach my goals, but teach me along the way. (more…)
    Kevin Kaderabek
  • This fall I chose to turn a new leaf in my health and fitness training. I am fortunate enough to have two friends who started their own online personal training company (Physique Development) for that new step in my fitness. After discussing my wants and fears, I started one of their 8-week programs and am very pleased with the results. I think the whole experience was extremely positive for me as a full time grad student. I was looking for a way to dedicate my free time to improving myself and this kept me focused and accountable. They helped me understand how my body responded to discipline in my diet and progression in my weight lifting workouts. It IS possible for me to lift competitively and not develop that over-muscular "manly" physique I was afraid of. Thank you so much guys.
    Meredith Berkeley
  • When I came to Physique Development I had no idea how bad of shape I was in. I knew that I was out of shape and the reason I wanted to train with them was because I had followed them for a while and seen how great of work they had done with others. I also liked that they followed an IIFYM/flexible dieting approach. Long story short, we were both very pleased by the transformation that took place at each check-in. By the time I was 2/3 the way through my training I was more ripped than I had ever been. Honestly, I couldn't have made any of the progress without Physique Developments guidance and motivation.
    Diego Torres
  • When I began working with Physique Development, I had just finished my collegiate athletics career. With the free time I found myself having, I started taking my weight training more seriously. Naturally, I found bodybuilding to be an outlet to release my competitive nature. As I began to research what it took to become a competitive bodybuilder, I noticed that training was only one piece of the equation. Over the course of the next year, I continued to research different things like flexible dieting. I had learned a lot but failed to see the results I was looking for while implementing what I had learned. That’s where Physique Development came in.  (more…)
    Jared Milhoan
  • So thankful for both Austin and Alex.  I saw their ad for nutrition and training programming and decided to just go for it. Physique Development allowed me to put my goals into action. I wanted to be healthier and feel proud of how I looked and felt. With their help and guidance I was able to achieve that and so much more.  I finally felt comfortable in the gym and I trusted in their knowledge. As you can see from my before and after pictures their coaching really works! It was customized to me and I always received feedback from my check-ins in a timely manner. I couldn't be more thankful to have worked with Physique Development! I can promise you won't regret working with both of these individuals!
    Amber Fentress


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